Success StoriesJust A Sample Of What We Can do


  • BACKGROUND:  Donald J Pliner is one of the nation’s most well known and successful shoe designers.  The company operates four lines of business (Manufacturer, Wholesales, Retailer and Ecommerce), with offices in 4 continents, retail locations in every major market and a wholesale footprint in all major fashion retailers.

    THE CHALLENGE:  Donald J Pliner operates four distinctly different lines of business.  Each business requires different analytics, procedures, people and processes to compete effectively.  All lines of business operate in silos and don’t share customers, items and sales data.

    THE SOLUTIONS: Dynamics Expert proposed an architectural IT face lift that includes Dynamics GP at the center.  The philosophy at its basics, was to deliver a balance of best of breed applications together and integrate them into one unified platform to ensure one version of the truth.  In addition improve reliability, scalability, speed and accuracy of decision making.  The final solution would deliver industry specific metrics, management reports and financial reports to the users in a manner that would allow managers to view the business by region, product line, line of business, department and gender.  It would also optimize inventory to ensure the company could leverage cash to grow as needed, rather than have it stalled in obsolete inventory.

    THE OUTCOME: Using Dynamics GP, Dynamics RMS, Dynamics Ecommerce (Ignify) and Dynamics CRM integrated end to end using eConnect, Donald J Pliner boasted 28 % higher sales 18 % lower operating costs resulting from lower payroll and a 38% decrease in Inventory Company wide.  The decrease in inventory resulted in a direct 7 Million dollar increase in operating profit.
    In addition, mangers utilizing CRM increased ecommerce sales from $500,000 to $8,000,000 in revenue in 3 years.  Since ecommerce was fully integrated into the Retail and Wholesale operations the company was able to leverage existing shipping staff to handle the increased volume and not have to hire additional shippers.  The overall profitability of the ecommerce business far exceeded any ones expectation as the $8,000,000 in revenue was run by 5 employees.

  • BACKGROUND:  Discount Mugs is the largest promotional product manufacture in the United States.  They manufacture an array of customized promotional items from Mugs to Pens.  They utilized Dynamics GP Manufacturing, A custom web site and Accellos WMS.

    THE CHALLENGE:  Discount Mugs was challenged by the extensive number of transactions that were needed to satisfy the manufacturing system, WMS system and Dynamics GP SOP process.  Discount Mugs required a solution that would allow the shipping process to intelligently reconcile these transaction at the time of shipping.  This was needed to ensure that all items shipped were fulfilled, MOP orders where closed and inventory was moved from WIP to finished goods.

    THE SOLUTIONS: Dynamics Expert Ship Master was born.  A custom .net application that leverages the latest technologies, integrations and architecture available.  This application was designed, written and Implemented by Dynamics Expert.  The application ships over 2,000 packages a day and uses eConnect to reconcile all the relevant transactions inventory transactions.

    THE OUTCOME: Discount Mugs now has accurate inventory, for all three warehouses.  WIP, Finished Goods and RAW.  The elevated speed and productivity has allowed Discount Mugs to decrease payroll extensively and ship in a 7 hour shift what would usually take two 12 hour shifts. 
    In addition, utilizing Fedex web services, Ship Master analyzes in hand and required ship dates and sets the ship modes to the least expensive mode to arrive within the customer’s requested  delivery window.  Ship Master also allows Discount Mugs to deliver an enterprise level of customer service because of its integration into their CMS.